Young Company.
Proven Values.

B-Com is an innovative company with proven values. It is born with the vision to look beyond the daily care of patients to gain a wider scope.
Through it's sister Company B-ReS, which focusses on research and development of innovative ideas, B-Com has developed and patented innovative ideas and solutions to improve care, health and life of patients and users of it’s products.

Company Values


We have a strong collaboration network with experts in several sectors, this facilitate working transversely on complex problems and give us a multidisciplinary understanding in the various stages of product development. Thanks to the constant dialogue with the research and development side, represented by B-ReS, we integrate the market requirements within the idea development process.
We collaborate with sanitary structures and health professional through a path that starts by the analysis of the problem till the realization of the solution that combine usefulness and functionality, evaluating industrial costs for placing competitive products on the market.

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